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Our Grants

Fletcher Jones Family Foundations offer four funding streams for community organisations based in Warrnambool and Moyne Shires. 

Small Community Grants

Our small community grants provide one-off grants to support grassroots community initiatives or events that create social impact and build a connected, engaged and thriving Warrnambool community. 

Good Ideas Incubation Program 

Proving one-off grants to support social change agents, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organisations to explore or develop a new initiative or idea that creates social impact. 

Social Change Partners 

Our Social Change Partners are invited through an Expression of Interest to partner with us over 3-4 years to help develop and grow, working collaboratively to identify funding priorities. We will work with our Social Change Partners to build their sustainability and to increase their reach and/or impact.

Our Social Change Partners will usually have received a grant previously through the Good Ideas Incubation Program and/or a Small Community Grant. 

Collective Capacity Building Initiative 

A key focus for Fletcher Jones Family Foundations is to strengthen a social ecosystem and leverage opportunities to collaborate with other funding opportunities. Through the Collective Capacity Building Initiative, we will identify grant partners to support the development of our social eco-system to deliver capacity building programs that support local change agents, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organisations to build their capacity for change. 

Assessment Criteria 

1. Organisational Capacity -  Demonstrate your team's track record in managing similar projects and that your organisation has good governance practices in place. 

2. Project Description and Scope – Provide a detailed project plan that explains how the project will be delivered, by who, when and how, with a viable scope.

3. Social Impact – Demonstrate the need for the funding and the impact that the grant would have on the size, scale and/or timing of your project, and the broader impacts on individuals and the community. 

4. Cost Effectiveness – Demonstrate a considered budget that is value-for-money and high impact. 

5. Values Alignment - Ensure your values align with Fletcher Jones Family Foundations. 


- Based in Warrnambool or Moyne Shire, or at least serve the people of Warrnambool and Moyne Shires.

- Must have DGR1 Status (Deductable Gift Recipient). If not, you will be required to find an auspice organisation. For more information on DGR1 please visit the ACNC website here. If you have any questions, please discuss with our Executive Officer. 

Fletcher Jones Family Foundations will not support applications that:

- Support projects or initiatives that take place outside of Warrnambool and Moyne Shires

- Support political parties

- Come from Individuals

- Have outstanding acquittal reports from previous projects.


If your application is successful, it is expected that Fletcher Jones Family Foundations is appropriately acknowledged for its funding support. Our logo and suggested acknowledgement statement will be shared with successful applicants.

Get in touch

To start an application, please contact the Executive Officer at