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Our Foundations

Our purpose is to honour the Fletcher Jones’ legacy, recognising the values that he held and brought to the Fletcher Jones business, and the contribution that it has made to the Greater Warrnambool Community.

We are a place-based philanthropic organisation supporting people and organisations to build a caring, innovative, and thriving community.

We back the change-makers and the entrepreneurs with ideas and initiatives that solve a social problem for the greater good.

We are proud of the impact we have - and we know Fletcher Jones would be too.

Our Vision

A socially conscious and caring Greater Warrnambool community that values and supports social and economic equity, agency and participation.

Our Mission

To support community, social change agents and entrepreneurs who are seeking to make a difference in the Greater Warrnambool community by:

  • Supporting grassroots community initiatives and events;
  • Backing social change agents, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial organisations who are working to explore or develop an initiative or idea;
  • Partnering with supported change agents and organisations to help them to build their sustainability and expand the reach and/or impact of what they do;
  • Assisting change agents and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and learn from each other to encourage emerging ideas and innovations.

The Foundations History 

The Fletcher Jones Family Foundations is the umbrella name for three foundations established at different times, the first by Fletcher Jones himself, and subsequently latter day family members:

- Fletcher Jones established a Charitable Trust in 1958 - The F.J. Foundation (ACN 004 422 726)

- David Jones, the second son of Fletcher Jones established a Public Ancillary Fund (PAF) in 2006 - The Isobel and David Jones Family Foundation (ACN 118906906)

- Peter Meurs, son of Lois (nee Jones) and Fred Meurs, and grandson of Fletcher Jones, established a PAF in 2007 - Cumorah Foundation ATF Fletcher and Rena Jones Family Foundation (ACN 124683763)

In 2015, the third generation family members made a decision to merge the three foundations and to focus the funding activity entirely in the Warrnambool and Port Fairy region.