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New FJFF Grant Programs

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Fletcher Jones Family Foundations continue to evolve in our role as a foundation and in our work with partners and community. Over the last 12 months, we have reviewed our strategic direction to determine the factors that guide our grant making. We have begun implementing these changes over this period and part of this change is creating our four grant programs.

We have created two small grant programs as we understand the difference that small grants can have on community groups to get their ideas off the ground, and allow them to continue running engaging initiatives and events. The Small Community Grants program is for grassroots community initiatives and events and are provided as a once-off basis.

The Good Ideas Incubation Program aligns with our vision to create a community that values and supports social and economic equity, agency and participation, and we do this through supporting change-makers to explore or develop new initiatives and ideas. We are excited to see the new and innovative ideas that will come through this program. 

We know how hard community groups can find 12 month funding requirements, and so have established the Social Change Partners program. This is a 3-4 year partnership program, offered by invitation, to help develop and grow community groups and organisations that align with our values and are making social change for good in our community. 

Finally, our Collective Capacity Building Initiative takes a holistic approach to the work we do by creating a social eco-system to ensure new change-makers are being developed and that our partners have the opportunities to build their capacity to continue making a lasting impact. 

We look forward to working with our current grant partners and to hear about future ideas, initiatives and programs that align with our new funding programs. 

For more information or to make contact with our Executive Officer, please email